About Us

think!Mathematics is part of our comprehensive program to improve math education. A textbook series, published by SL Education in Singapore, known worldwide for its innovative approach to building better math students, think!Mathematics delivers meaningful math instruction that allows ALL learners to explore and link concepts together. Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced educator, think!Mathematics ensures your skills will meet the demands of the ever-changing instructional landscape. 

 We have fully integrated think!Mathematics with [Math]odology and our strategy of using videos, workshops and hands on, on-site training to implement customized strategies for incredible success by math students.

 We are entirely committed to success and relentlessly positive in finding new and powerful solutions that enable students and teachers to learn and execute mathematics at the highest levels.

 [Math]odology is the exclusive distributor for the think!Mathematics series in the United States.

 [Math]odology is the publisher for the Developing Roots Kindergarten program.

SL Education is the publisher for the New Syllabus Secondary Series.